Renaissance 42R Live


Motorola E398 and ROKR E1

S/W Version : R373_G_0E_42R (Best 4 E398)
Release number : Renaissance Live Audio
Flex Version : Renaissance Live
DSP : 623BAB00
Lang : Enlightenment Lang Pack
DRM : Moto Renaissance *Updated*
Technology : 900 – 1800/1900

Nice boot screen
Speed as Normal 46R
Automatic sms delivery reports
Keypad Lock = Menu+Menu, Unlock = Menu+Green [Call Button]

3 impressive skins…
– Maneesh’s XClear [My 1st skin]
– Milky [A Modification of original Milk Skin by Me]
– iPhone Invisible Xaga [A Modification of Jno’s iPhone Skin by Me]

– Yuetmod Itunes 2series [Really Fast]
– iTunesDB Creator
– MediaViewer xxx
– Phonebook Tool and Skin changer
– Ishell [Press # to go to ishell]
– Press 0 to unload iTunes
– Press * to Minimise iTunes

Here’s The Link, Copy This Link and paste at some download Manager…
Click Here
Note : This Firmware wasn’t mine, I just want to make it faster to download for Indonesian People…


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