Frets on Fire

Frets On Fire :: Info ::

License                : Freeware

Specification           : All OS

Description             : Frets on Fire is a game simulation that test your music skill by how fast your finger can move. followin note on some song.

Music Fan?do you know Frets on Fire?this is one of my favourite game. i know this game on the last 2 years, and i’m still playing it till now. in this game, user can modify some song. besides, gamers also can make their own song that they put into this game. File type used is *.ogg. to convert song from *.mp3 to *.ogg, i usually use Xilisoft video converter. to make song, it takes some time, but if we do this seriously, it’s satisfying.

Frets on fire have simiilarity with Guitar Hero (Play Station). you play this game with following the note that shows on your screen. the difference is, on Play Station, you use joystick, so on FOF, we use keyboard to play it. how to play is not that different. on FOF, besides using string, we also have to push pick button(Enter) timed with the string. like playing real guitar.

on breaking the record, we gotta have some skill on using finger. to learn it doesn’t take long time. from my experience, the time i need to learn about 2 week (newbie). and at that time, i play on level easy, don’t be mistaken! “easy” on FOF = medium on Guitar hero. there is 4 level, supereasy, easy, medium, and amazing.


you can download the game Here or go to the forum board Here

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